Solutions Offered

Fund Raising

We arrange funds for Project, Working Capital, and Term Loan in Indian and foreign currencies. We do Business & Housing Loan too.

Project Reports

We prepare Projects Reports based on requirements by client with professional approach at affordable cost.


We Provide complete accounting solutions, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Tax Audit, Management Audit, Assets Audit, Stock Audit.

MIS Reports

We provide various Management Information Systems (MIS) Reports to review and take the corrective decision by the management. MIS Reports are reports required by the management to assess the performance of the company and allow for faster decision- making. At the heart of it, such a system is one that will provide important information to the management of the company.

Statutory Compliances

We help companies to comply with all statutory compliances which are necessary for all big and small companies to keep their businesses safe from any legal trouble. A deep knowledge of statutory compliances is required to minimize the risk associated with the noncompliance of statutory requirements. We provide statutory compliances support for PF, ESI, LWF, IOF, TNPCB, FIRE safety, PT, GST, etc.,

Business Restructuring

Our team helps companies under stress and lenders looking to revive or exit out of Non- performing assets. Our value proposition is in our technical strength in understanding the customer requirements precisely and delivering to their needs and satisfaction.

Tax Advisory Services

We provide tax advisory services and assist to minimise your tax exposure and highlight the risks present in regularly changing and increasingly complex legislation. Through straight planning, we consider issues that arise within specific types of tax, as well as the tax implications of a new project or changes in the business.

Legal Compliances for Companies

We give prime Importance for Legal compliances of Company and business. This is especially necessary if the company has entered into contracts with clients. When this is done, the company and the client sign and agree to the terms, conditions, and clauses of business in those contracts and agree to bound by the legal requirements. They also agree to follow and comply with the rules, laws, regulations, and Standards set up in regard to a particular business.

Manpower Services

We support Manpower Management which is also called as Human Resource Management. For achieving the goals of the organization, we place right people, at the right place, in the right time for doing the right things.

ERP Solutions

We provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions based on the requirements of the clients. Any company that finds themselves integrating several software products to manage financial, HR, sales, marketing and manufacturing or supply chain operations should consider the benefits of consolidating their tools into single ERP system. This ERP guidance includes comparison charts, major features and modules, benefits, and what to expect while buying an ERP software.